Blogging successfully | 7 attributes you should have

There is no universal recipe for blogging successfully. But there are some attributes that help to gain access to this market. I have already published a post on the technical preconditions. This post will be on the qualifications you should hold.

blogging successfully
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Blogging successfully – no problem?

You will find a lot of blogs on the internet, so it cannot be that difficult to set up a website. Yes and no. First of all there are so many bloggers. On the one hand it might make it easier because, especially in the U. S., you can forge a link or participate in blog parades etc. On the other hand you are in competition with well-established blogs. Which attributes should you have to survive?

1 Adequate niche

One of the most important points for blogging successfully is to find the optimal topic. The more widespread the subjects of your posts are, the harder it is to attract readers and retain them. If your topic is too limited, it may happen that you run dry of ideas one day. Therefore you should specialize in something but still leave some room for improvement.

Before you make a final decision, search the internet for your topic in mind and see how many competitors you will have and who they are: Well-established magazines – bloggers doing this job for years – very active newcomers – small blogs publishing only a few or no new posts? Afterwards you can estimate whether you will have at least a little chance to be noticed.

2 Subjects for posts

When you have found your niche and are highly motivated, the first posts will be written spontaneously. But even if the posts are really great, they will not guarantee any success.

Aside from pure hobby blogs (e. g. The adventures of traveling to …), professional blogs are designed to exist for a longer period. That means you should be able to constantly publish interesting posts over several months or years. – Ideas do not grow an trees.

Thus you have to stay in the loop, read the news related to your topic etc. And do not forget to have an eye on your potential target audience. What are they interested in? Which questions do they ask? As long as you do not have many visitors on your blog, check social networks. Look at related timelines / posts and comments. What are people talking about?

3 Texts and more

One fundamental precondition for blogging successfully is being able to write. It is not enough to speak a language. You should also master the orthography and grammar of your language. A blog with posts having almost no flawless sentence will not be visited twice. Of course, typos cannot be avoided completely.

Every blogger has his own style of writing. This style depends on the subject, the audience etc. and can be informal or academic. Pure colloquial language or slang are no writing styles with regard to a large audience. Furthermore your texts should be structured, fluent and animate your audience to continue reading.

Images give relief to your texts, provide additional information or illustrate the content. But they have to correspond to the content. Photos from databases are not always a good choice. It can be really boring to see the same images on various websites, not to talk about problems regarding the copyright. So it would be quite useful to take pictures or edited graphics yourself.

4 Time and labor

Assuming that you are serious about blogging, be prepared to do a full-time job. Writing and editing images will not be extremely time-consuming. But you will need at lot more time for research, testing products etc. and social networking. People shall know that your blog exists and that you have a say. Be communicative but no spammer.

Finally you may not forget to maintain the technical backend of your blog and update older posts periodically.

5 Let’s talk about money

Especially in the beginning you do not have to invest large sums of money. In case your blog will be self-hosted, you have to pay for your webspace. Additionally you might buy a theme and pay for some basic plug-ins. Many developers offer a free version of their plug-in which is good enough to start with. The more your blog will grow, the more you will have to invest.

In the first months your income will be zero. You cannot assume that you will make money fast. It takes some thousands of clicks before you might sell something or companies will run advertisements and pay you for each click.

6 Now it get’s personal

The main thing last. Blogging successfully is down to you. You should be a kind of expert in your particular field and be able and willing to share your enthusiasm. Develop your own style, your own approach and do not copy others even if they offer the best content ever.

It does not matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home.

Further it is helpful to learn at little about the basic functions of the backend. A great content will be more successful with a consistent layout / design. Only then you will have a chance to build up a brand, i. e. to go viral. Remember, blogging successfully is a profession. Sometimes you will have to work even if you do not feel like it or your family and friends enjoy their leisure time.


All those attributes do not guarantee any success. But they form a good basis.

7 Only a few more things you will need …

Purposefulness (you know that you will make it)
Confidence (be positive about what you are doing)
Persistence (stick to it and deliver high-quality content)
Ability to take criticism (do not give up, improve yourself)

… and tons of patience. Good luck!

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